(Helpful Tips For Raising Children With Autism)
Author: Lerrlyn Nelson
Written: January 22, 2008


The purpose of this book is to provide an outline of practical information in laymen’s terms along with effective suggestions to families with loved ones diagnosed with autism. The book addresses common family experiences and what may be expected while raising, caring for, and planning for the future for a child with autism. It is intended to provide helpful tips for family members and care providers, not to replace the advice and consultation of professionals in the field. 

The inspiration for this book evolved from a vision in 1985 that included a blueprint for group homes, vocational and practical living skills training, and recreational opportunities for those over 18 years of age.  From 1985 to the present it has been an up-hill struggle Out of commonly held precepts and then current thinking concerning autism came new ways of viewing, identifying, and managing aberrant behavior, through positive techniques and incremental reinforcement. Road blocks in accessing services, minimal awareness, and a lack of programs were commonplace.  Detour after detour frustrated our family’s efforts to secure sorely needed services for my brother.  As a result of a growing need and greater appreciation for future concerns primarily from parents and loved ones this book was written. 

The contents and recommendations are rooted in real-life experiences and developed through research. 

About the Author:

Lerrlyn Nelson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She has dedicated her life and educational goals towards increasing awareness, improving educational and vocational programs, and securing independent and semi-independent living opportunities for persons with autism.

This book is a compilation of methods and techniques developed over twenty-five years in working with persons with a primary diagnosis of autism and their families.   Lerrlyn has developed and implemented several programs and has been a driving force assisting and educating parents, family members, educators and governmental agencies in recognizing the needs of this segment of the community.  In addition, she has written programs ranging from educational, vocational, accessing medical and emotional services, and housing opportunities for persons with autism.

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